Crossroads 0

Emily Braverman & Marley Duet

This edition of “Crossroads” features writer Emily Braveman and artist Marley Duet

Hi, my name is Emily Braverman and I believe the moon is out to get me- which makes sense because my moon is in Aries.

And my sun? That is also in Aries.
But I guess what I’m trying to say is for someone with so much fire in them why do I burn out so easily?

But this is me- I am girl, anarchist, alchemist, both sun and moon, ever standing, steady breathing -girl-
I am pint killer, mind twister, endless blossom, and static cling, giver with nervous wiring and panicked machinery that always seems to spark, a self portrait of the sun with a mind made of moon and I am asking for trouble.

I am frantic rambler; stoked on moon glow and hesitation, girl with empty palms but a strong desire to hold- could you take them off my hands for me?Fuzzy eyes and crooked heart and the seer of all things through, coddled in sweet dreams and hopeless enumerations, all trapped up in metaphors.

I am small lips and squiggly eyebrows, a tail wagger broken lovers like to take for walks.
Directionless, frenzied with good intentions and bad timing, puddle jumper, ambiguous noisemaker, adequate sympathizer, and a well versed carouser.

Declarer of endless declarations, a cautious disclaimer, perpetual invigorator with too much to wager.

I am presently resilient, occasionally argumentative, constantly nervous, and always eager to please.
Both puzzler and puzzled, a melting pot of mixed emotions about to boil over, breather, bleeder, and believer – over stretched and under worn.

I am humbled heartbeats and hurried syncopations which echo every lie I’ve ever told.

I am beat in time, eternity forever, better late than never and easily temperamental- open window and fresh breeze; a constant cruiser.
Burn-out, inconsistent wanderer, zealously filled with intrigue
wondering if (or ideally when) I will find my answers.

I am question mark, semi colon, asterisk, and middle finger emoji.
Worked up, worn out, and willing, tirelessly becoming, both stumped and stumbling and ready to move on,
reckless and restless, toe tipper coming to wake you in the night, wide-eyed hopeful, vagrant of the universe, beckoner to all those who will listen.


I am emotional but stable, inconsistent but always worrying, as hasty as a summer tomato, terminator and elongator and I have tendencies to be down right indecisive. Beat keeper, mind reader, a stellar attempt at being, an untrimmed perception of reality with aspirations to be both home and homie.

But I am so stoked to be a liver of life these days.
The daughter of a son who never stopped believing in second chances and I am the daughter of a sun who always puts up a fight.
I am phases of blazes long and short lived and busy lips that sometimes try and talk themselves off of my face-
I am pursuer of all things on the other side of the moon knowing full well I may never get there.
Corn maze connoisseur, a slightly under-the-weather-woman who is compiled of leftover raindrops and knows how to roll out like thunder.
I am Mercury in retrograde with eyes wide opened at the thought of losing it all. Punk-brained prankster with too much to prove, an unapologetic neurotic being who believes there is no such thing as an accident.
I am vagabond filled with song and misplaced spontaneity-

I am/quite frankly/one moody bitch, a falling star that fell a little too far, my parents’ definition of creation, a buoyant blip in the universe.
Day breaker, real world spraker, a girl with hollow ears and jumbled fears who is always down for the count.

A changeable definition, a moveable feast- M-E, me.

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